Insite The Riot is an artist, author, speaker, change agent and the founder of New Heights, an edutainment company that promotes perseverance, expanding self-awareness and overcoming limited thinking. Highly regarded for her engaging and inspiring hip hop performances, Insite The R.I.O.T is a play on words meaning to Insite. The. Revolution. In. Our. Thinking. Addressing topics that resonate with the human spirit, she has literally sought to insite a riot in the hearts and minds of all who listen." The primary message I am trying to convey is to know yourself, love yourself, and let your light shine." By blending a career of nonprofit leadership, community advocacy and artistic expression, she has engaged dynamic and diverse audiences through performances, workshop facilitation and speaking engagements to champion social, cultural and philanthropic causes. To date she has independently released two music projects, Away With Words (EP) and A Way With Words Vol. 2 (Mixtape). Through affirming messaging, her work seeks to impact the audience's perception of our individual and collective worth and potential by inspiring and encouraging people to reach for New Heights. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and holds a masters degree from Oakland University. Her work has been heavily influenced by the likes of Nikki Giovanni, India Arie, KRS-1, Common, Talib Kweli, Queen Latifah, and Nas.